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Our papers were accepted in

Advanced Materials (IF=29.4

[Link Click]

Nanotechnologies (IF=3.5)

[Link Click]


Huanxin, Jiang and Do-Young Joined our group. Welcome to NGEL!


Our papers were accepted in

EcoMat (IF=14.6

[Link Click]

Nano-Micro Letters (IF=26.6)

[Link Click]

Sung-Kwang won Grand Prize in Research Matters Competition. Congratulation!


Our papers were accepted in

Nature Reviews Materials(IF=76.679

[Link Click]

ACS Applied Electronic Materials (IF=4.494)

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Prof. Jin-Wook Lee is selected as SKKU Fellowship Professor. He is also selected as 2022 HCR by Clarivate Analytics.


Our papers were accepted in

EcoMat (IF=12.213[Link Click]

Advanced Functional Materials (IF=19.924)

[Link Click]

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Welcome to NGEL

Our group explores a variety of next-generation electronic devices based on nanomaterials including metal halide perovskites, chalcogenides, and low-demensional materials.

We do first-rate fundamental researches to demonstrate high-performance electronic devices.

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Jeju Island August 2022

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